We Tri Hard Is The Blog of a Sales & Marketing Consultant in Kennewick, WA.

I'm Chris Johnson.  This is a personal blog.

This blog is largely a personal project and a place to "release" all the things I am thinking about...and might one day believe.  To tell the stories of glory and doom.  You get the gist. We're gonna blog like it's 2009.

Wannna work together? Current deposits secure my November 2020 start date.  
We start 2 projects every quarter.

Here's the gist of how we work:

  1. Zero Tolerance For Late Projects:  If we cause any part of any project to be one second late, we will offer to refund 100% of your money plus $5,000 cash for wasting your time.  (You'll understand why we can't accept clients who pay ever pay late).
  2. Always Start Small, Always Enjoy The Ride. We begin all of our engagements with a low-fee pilot project so we can determine if we like working together (or not.).
  3. As Simple As Possible, But No More So: The simplest solution is usually the best, but sometimes we have to introduce extra steps.
  4. We Can't Help Everyone: There are great businesses that aren't a fit for us.  Let's discover that early so we can both find good fits and part as friends.
  5.  No Client Should Ever Chase Information: We always proactively update every client every week, even when there's "no news".
  6. If We Pick the Vendor, We're On The Hook When we choose to hire a subcontractor, the same rules apply. A lot of agencies hire bad vendors and then blame those vendors.
  7.  Honest Agencies Don't Serve Competing Firms: We serve about 10 clients in any given year.  We won't ever serve two competitors at the same time.
  8. We Always Have A Roadmap: 100% of the time we know what now, what next, and exactly when.  We follow that with you.
  9. Not Everything We Do Will Work: Big wins come from bold moves.  We are paid to run experiments correctly.  So, we try a wide variety of things.  Not everything works. We quickly eliminate our losers and double down on our winners. Our clients are paying us to do good experiments.
  10. We Have Fun. There's nothing like winning. There's nothing as fun as building systems that transform businesses.  We have fun the whole time.

If you believe as we believe, email me at chris@wetrihard.com. Our first answer is always free.  

We seek to be profit-positive within 60 days of every engagement.

We're currently helping SAAS, professional service business and consulting firms only.  We work mostly remote.  "We" is usually me, but when there is a specialist needed we will make it a "we."

We also welcome engagements with other marketing firms.  Of course, we stay in our lane and respect existing client relationships.  

OK, so what the hell do you do?

When we operate as intended, we turn chaos into order.  We create systems so that you can easily and simply take leads and create client and customer experiences that "just work."

We install CRM systems (usually Nutshell.)

We will work to create scripts to go from lead-to-close.

If this doesn't scream out "oh, shit, I need this," fair enough. Just read the blog and join the newsletter.

So who is a fit?

We are looking for consulting, SaaS and service businesses grossing $500k+ with profitable offerings and some "chaos."

We're looking for owners that want to grow.

Again, we is "me," and you should read the blog and look for me on LinkedIn to get a sense of things.

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