This site is community and social project to build a more resiliant  Tri-Cities (by example) and us to help win the war against small business.

This is a social site that’s built to create a movement towards a resilient and productive Tri-Cities.  There are things I love about this community and we’re going to showcase the good and we’re here to help.

No rent-seekers.
No charlatans.

Here’s what we believe:

  1. We have to celebrate every business that is moving our community in the right direction.
  2. All work has dignity.
  3. We must work to businesses that add value and have a net trade surplus with the world. 
  4. All of this has to happen organically; begging or bribing a corporation to bring in a warehouse is risky: it may harm our community. 
  5. We must free ourselves from dependence on Hanford, and PNNL to become resilient.  We need to leverage the brains that they bring productively. 
  6. We must eliminate the grifters, grant-seeks and rent seekers and build our community in an honest way.  
  7. We must learn and teach the skills that grow businesses.
  8. This movement starts with one person and spreads from there.
  9. We must default to freedom in almost every situation: a non-consensual economy creates massive risk.
  10. We must be kind to everyone in every instance.

About Me

I’m CJ Patrick…a tech and agency vet.

I’m a tech and agency veteran that built the SaaS product Flowtility and sold it to Telestream in 2015, I sold my agency Simplifilm in 2018.  I’ve been involved with other SaaS businesses and I’m here to help.

CJ Patrick

Chris Johnson is a veteran marketer, business owner and entrepreneur. He's had massive highs and crushing lows and is here to help make the Tri Cities great!