Sporthaus, You’re Doing It Right.

I can’t imagine running a retail sporting goods store.  Or, rather, I can.  It sounds extremely hard.

Having to compete with Amazon and the manufacturers for specialty items.

Having to order and stock stuff that may not sell. Having to…get people in the door.  It’s a brutal business on a good day.

You throw COVID into the mix and I can’t even imagine what that balance sheet looks like.

It’s enough to make someone bitter, isn’t it?

Except here in the Tri Cities…one business that I’ve rarely shopped at is doing things right.

Sporthaus.  I don’t know the owners.  I’ve only been there a few times, but I’m gonna tell you, that it’s hard to run that business and harder still to keep it positive during these tough times.

They’ve been closed, I think, since COVID put everyone on House Arrest.

But here’s what they are doing:

  1. Putting a positive message into the world.
  2. Sharing gratitude.
  3. Recognizing people like Truck Drivers that don’t get tons of recognition.

Kudos to you all. This is why you shop local, and this is the world we want to make.