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19 Easy Ways to Serve The Tri Cities During The Quarantine

Note: I was going to start this blog in a few weeks, a way of connecting locally and doing some sales and marketing consulting for local clients. I started it early because I had something to say.

So Covid-19 is a real thing. It’s sweeping the nation. Going viral, as they say. And we have to deal with it now.

So here are a few places we can start in the TC.  We live here and let’s be proud of how we handled all this stuff.

  1. Hope For the best And know that this, too shall pass. Plan on a big and happy future. Plan and dream, and act as if this will be a blip on the radar. It’s been seen before.
  2. Go Out As Little As Possible: We are not doing this for ourselves, but for everyone else in our community. Stay in. Let the chaos pass around us.
  3. Do Your Job Well: We do better when we are working. Not spending. We make value when we do our jobs. So let’s do our jobs well.
  4. Make Art: Is it the time to start a creative project/blog/photo album? Heck yes it is. We want projects to focus on rather than things to be afraid of.
  5. Get Real Info Before Reacting: A lot of people thought this was overblown. Other people are talking about how our community is doing a bad job. These are unprecedented times.
  6. Be kind to each other: We can disagree politically. But would a little kindness hurt? No, the Republicans don’t want to make everyone starve, and no the Democrats don’t really want to be on welfare every day. Let’s be nice.
  7. Tell Jokes. Even Jokes About Corona. Laughter is the best medicine. The more we laugh the faster we get through this.
  8. Be Cool: Some people thought this was all a joke 10 days ago. They are coming around. Let’s not shake our fingers and judge people, that’s uncool. 
  9. Don’t Cancel Your Services/Contractors: Someone that may have been coming to clean your carpets or your homes or whatever may now have to work around kids. But that’s a better deal than having to go without food. Let’s let people work and make it work.
  10. Pay Your Contractors Early: A lot of small businesses are really going to struggle. Delays in payment now can add unnecessary stress to people’s lives.
  11. Show Up For Your Jobs: If at all possible, do the work you were hired to do so that when the panic is over, we can have one less back order to fill.
  12. Buy Gift Cards: Help restaurants stay open and make a bet on their future.
  13. Stop Gossiping. I know, I know, this is like telling the Tri-Cities to stop breathing, but we gotta knock that ish off anyway. So why not start now?  Be a nice change.
  14. Get Takeout Twice Per Week: There are healthy options, I know.
  15. Apologize To Someone: We were all slow to come to grips with what’s going on here, and so it’s a good idea to apologize to someone.
  16. Offer Advice:  If you are having success getting customers, share that info online.  We’re in this together.
  17. Keep an Open Mind: We’re all learning as we go.  We want to keep an open mind to ideas and opportunities while we’re here.
  18. Offer To Shop For Someone At Risk: If you’re low risk, let’s be there for the people that are at greater risk.  Offer to shop for someone.
  19. Be Nice To Our Health Professionals: Look, they are in a tough spot.  The whole region has less than 25 WHO test kits.  They didn’t cause it, and now it’s time to deal with this.

We’re gonna get through this.

We’re gonna be able to make our community great. When it’s over, we want to be proud of the way we reacted.

The future is bright, and we’ll get through this together.  If there are losses, we’ll bear ’em together.  If it’s not as bad as we thought, we’ll be in a better spot for next time.

Also, If you’re a small business owner and you need help during this crazy, I’d love to chat.  I’ve got some ideas that can help us get some business NOW and I can help you with the set up without any upfront cash.  Feel free to email me here: chris@wetrihard.com

CJ Patrick

Chris Johnson is a veteran marketer, business owner and entrepreneur. He's had massive highs and crushing lows and is here to help make the Tri Cities great!